About Us

The International Trade Center  works with our valuable partners in the West Houston Community to reach out not only to the community but to small and medium sized businesses as well.

We believe this partnering, or "multiplier effect" expands everyone's reach. 

Wea H. Lee, ITC Founder

The International Trade Center - Houston was founded by businessman and entrepreneur, Wea Lee.  Mr. Lee, a publishing magnate with a global perspective, publishes the Southern Chinese Daily News and prints more than fifty other international news publications in Houston, Texas. He also headed the effort to establish the new International District in Houston’s booming west side.“My Vision has become a reality. With the opening of the US International Trade Center in Houston, Houston will continue to innovate and redefine the international marketplace.”

Glen Gondo, ITC Co-Founder

Gondo is an established Houston businessman with a record of community service. He has headed the Gondo Company since 1998 and previously was general manager of Tokyo Gardens Restaurant. He has worked with Mayor Lee Brown to arrange trade meetings in Japan, on the Greater Gulf Coast United Way’s Asian-Pacific Campaign, on the Asian-American Advisory Committee of U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison and as an advisory director to Southwestern National Bank. He is an adviser to the Texas Asian-American Republican Caucus and is treasurer and a board member of the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau. He attended North Texas State University.

Gezahgen Kebede, ITC President

Gezahgen Kebede, president of the International Trade Center - Houston is also co-founder and president of the Ethio-American Trade & Investment Council (EATIC). He has served as Honorary Consul General of Ethiopia in Houston for more than ten years.   During his time in Houston, Mr. Kebede has organized several successful trade missions to Ethiopia, and has consistently promoted trade between the United States and Ethiopia.