ITC Monthly Luncheon
The International Trade Center presents the ITC monthly luncheons series every third Wednesday of the month in collaboration with the Caribbean, Pakistan, Vietnamese and Chinese Chamber and the Myanmar Chamber of Commerce.

ITC promotes, encourages and supports ongoing networking and meeting opportunities in order to introduce and foster personal interaction and business development between Houston small business owners and organizations like Government sources including SBA and US Commercial Service, Consulates and Funding organizations

McDonald’s Educational Workshop                                         
The Education Workshop includes educational activities that will involve the students and also their parents. Career workshops in Engineering, Medical, Business….etc. as well as others on “How to prepare for SAT, ACT,” “What to include in College Application Essay”, “How to apply for college and Financial Aid” will be presented.
The workshops for parents will include “Helping children make a right choice of college major and Career Path”, “College Funding”, We will also invite the Admission officer from different colleges to explain how they seek their students. The purpose of this event is to help students to improve their learning skills, test taking techniques, curricula and activities, college admissions, essay writing skills.


Texas Lunar Festival
At the annual Texas Lunar Festival, we celebrate the impressive qualities of every culture while celebrating the Asian Lunar New Year. For the past 21 years, community leaders and volunteers have worked hard to promote the remarkable diversity and impressive leadership of the greater Asian community while fostering friendship among nearly every culture. Thanks to the remarkable success of previous festivals, we have expanded this year’s festival!

Our commitment to cultural diversity and the promise of a stronger tomorrow starts at our festival.  The success of previous festivals has proven our dedication and enthusiasm to expand above and beyond our former festivals.  This year, we hope to double to size and interest of our annual event.

Cooking Show “A Community Based Nutrition Program”
The Southern News Group Cooking Class has been held once a month on the second Tuesday of the month since 2012.

Each cooking class features a nutrition lecture and live cooking demonstration. The cooking classes are designed to teach members of the community how to cook healthy and nutritious meals while also learning new culinary presentations from diverse cultures.

Launched in 2012, the program’s goal has been to teach the community about the healing power of foods using hands-on demonstrations that
present a of healthful recipes reflective of the diverse cultures in the community. Since then, the program has grown to include classes
focused on children’s health, and healthy weight management. The class has also feature guest chefs.

Flower Arranging Class
The Flower Arranging Class has been held every Saturday afternoon at the Southern News Group
corporate offices since 2000.

Prior to every class the instructor visits a local flower shop to purchase fresh flowers for the class. Southern News Group provides all materials needed for the class at no cost to the participants. The instructor wants the class participants to enjoy working with their hands as well as learning from the creative and commpositional aspects of the activity.

Singing and Piano Class
Singing has long been recognized as therapy for the soul. Besides being fun, singing is regarded as a healing process for many as any senior citizen can attest. No experience is necessary to participate in the class, but a willingness to learn and have fun while meeting new friends is essential.

Musical compositions that have been part of the Singing and Piano Class have included both modern as well as works from the past and cover diverse cultural compositions. Attendees of the Singing and Piano classes learn and practice voice exercises and learn new songs.
Singing and piano classes are held every Wednesday 10:00am-12:00 noon at the Southern News Group corporate offices building . The classes started in 2002.