Here are some of the facility services we offer our members:

  • Full Service Executive Suites Office Location in the Heart of Houston's International District
  • International Business Office and Networking
  • On-Site Product Showroom
  • On-Site Kitchen​
  • Business Development Services

The ITC is available to help its members with the following:

  • Company Site Tours      
  • Educational & Cultural Events   
  • Business Matchmaking
  • Facilitate Business Opportunities
  • International Business Network Mixers
  • Trade Delegations  
  • Trade Missions


About Us

Core Beliefs :
• All cultures are valuable
• All cultures contribute to the wellbeing of the
entire community
• All members deserve to be treated with
• All members must be given access to the
opportunities available within the community
Strategic Intent:
• To create a generation of students who
appreciate the diversity of this community
• To create a cadre of entrepreneurs who understand
the nuances, norms, and mores of
other cultures
• To create programs that expand the opportunities
available to the members of this

The ITC Community Empowerment Organization formerly known as International Trade Center,  works with our valuable partners in the West Houston Community to reach out not only to the community but to small and medium sized businesses as well.

We believe this partnering, or "multiplier effect" expands everyone's reach. 

The ITC is also dedicated to the arts, education, international and cultural exchange.

We have excellent facilities for meetings, conferences, trade shows, and other functions.

Developing a truly multicultural community where everyone feel that they belong.
• To empower the community through cultural awareness, positive ethnic
identity, education, entrepreneurship, and trade development.
• To celebrate and nurture the understanding, and appreciation of the multicultural nature of Houston
through art, education and community interaction.

The ITC sponsors seminars on various topics of interest to our community including;

  • Art Exhibitions
  • Cultural Festivals/Events
  • Education Workshops
  • Business Financing: Banking, Letters of Credit, SBA Loans, XM Bank, Alternative Financing
  • Commercialization
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Legal: Contract Administration, International Law, Electoral Property Rights
  • Strategic Alliances and Partnering

Our Mission