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About ITC



About Us

The ITC Community Empowerment Organization formerly known as International Trade Center, works with our valuable partners in the West Houston Community to reach out not only to the community but to small and medium-sized businesses as well. We believe this partnering, or "multiplier effect" expands everyone's reach. The ITC is also dedicated to the arts, education, international and cultural exchange. We have excellent facilities for meetings, conferences, trade shows, and other events.


Our Accomplishments

  •  Africa Texas Africa Business Summit 
  • USA China – Texas China Business Summit 
  • Chinese Lunar New Year Festival 
  • International Business Seminar Monthly Series 
  • International Trade Center Grand Ball 
  • Texas Africa Business Summit 
  • Doing Business in Jamaica 
  • Doing Business in Trinidad & Tobago 
  • Why it makes sense to invest and do business in Africa 
  • Going Global with Houston Airport Systems 
  • Global Commerce – International Transportation and Trade – Shipping 101 
  • Hire Houston First in an effort to promote economic opportunity for Houston businesses and to support job creation 
  • Exporting Assistance available from the United States Department of Commerce 
  • Global Trade: Asia & Africa 
  • Doing Business in Nigeria Forum 
  • How to Capture International Business Opportunities 
  • Doing Business in Trinidad & Tobago 
  • Why it Makes Sense to Invest and do Business in Africa 
  • Going Global with the Houston Airport System – Maximizing Houston’s Potential 
  • Exporting Assistance available from the United States Department of Commerce 
  • Business Trade Mission to China 
  • ITC Monthly Luncheon -Doing Business in Jamaica 
  • ITC Monthly Luncheon- How to get noticed by a prime contractor 
  • ITC Monthly Luncheon- Trade 101 The Basics of Importing in to the U.S. 
  • ITC Monthly Luncheon- District F and the International Community 
  • U.S. Ethiopia Summit 
  • Houston Real Estate Investment Opportunities 
  • ITC Monthly Luncheon Organization’s Lifecycle 
  • Texas Lunar Festival 
  • McDonald’s Educational Workshop 
  • Celebrating Diversity & World Peace 
  • Education Workshop in Harvard 
  • Education Workshop in Dallas 
  • Education Workshop in Houston 
  • H.E. President Alpha Conde of Guinea Welcome Reception